Products are replaced only under the conditions prescribed in the Consumer Protection Law.
In the event of a return of goods or a refund to a buyer who previously paid with a payment card, and regardless of the reason for the return, 3D HAB DOOEL Skopje is obliged to make the refund exclusively via VISA, EC/MC, Maestro or DINERS , which means that the bank will refund the funds to the card user’s account at the seller’s request.

The entire procedure for product exchange or refund can take up to 15 working days.
The exchange procedure is – after you receive the product and you notice that it does not fit, that is, you want to exchange it for another, you send an email to Once we receive the email, the exchange is made systematically for the desired product, after which a courier service is notified to pick up the original product and once it is returned to the store, the delivery people later bring you the new product.