SLS 3D FormLabs FUSE 1

Formlabs introduces the next generation of industrial 3D printers with its SLS Fuse 1 series with Fuse Sift cleaner.

With printed parts that combine strength, flexibility and detail, Fuse 1 manufactures parts ready to withstand numerous tests for durability and deformation or to be directly packaged for end customers.

FormLabs FUSE 1

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FormLabs FUSE 1

Formlabs introduces the next generation of industrial 3D printers with its SLS Fuse 1 series with Fuse Sift cleaner.

Configure a Fuse 1 3D printer with Fuse Sift for optimal results
The Fuse 1 SLS 3D printer includes all the tools you need to start direct self-production and a one-year warranty.

Fuse 1 redefines the SLS market with the following enhancements:

compact size
intuitive software support
effective recycling of used powder
Competitive prices of Nylon 11 and Nylon 12 materials
What does a Fuse 1 SLS package include?
1 Fuse 1 3D printer
1 working chamber 120V / 230V
1 cleaning kit for optics
1 year warranty
PreForm software
Additional features

Working chamber 120V / 230V


Each Fuse 1 3D printer contains 1 mobile working camera, which is transferred to Fuse Sift after the specified print project is completed. In Fuse Sift, the printed parts are cooled and cleaned, and the powder used is recycled. If you have an additional mobile work camera, you will be able to load a new model for printing as soon as the work on the previous one is completed without wasting time waiting for the finished model to be cleaned in Fuse Sift.

Fuse holder 1

With the specially designed Fuse 1 stand, you raise the 3D printer to a comfortable height for operating the camera and working with the touch screen.

Fuse 1 optical container

Before re-printing on any SLS 3D printer, an operator needs to clean the optics, which often means disassembling complex joints. The optics in Fuse 1 are protected in a special cartridge / container that is designed to be removed and reinserted without the need for additional tools or dexterity.

Each Fuse 1 3D printer includes 2 mobile optics containers for a convenient and unobstructed workflow – the new one is placed while cleaning the used ones.

Fuse Sift 150 sieve

While the printed parts are cleaned in the Fuse Sift device, the unsintered powder is separated and sent to the compartment under the working chamber. The sieve filters sift the powder until it is as clean as possible. The material is stored in a separate container and can be mixed with new powder for the next print.


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