BCN3D Epsilon W27 + Smart Cabinet

Ensure optimal industrial quality results with the BCN3D Epsilon W27 Smart Cabinet package with working volume: 420mm x 300 x 220mm

The package includes:

1 x 3D printer BCN3D Epsilon W27

1x Smart Cabinet material station

BCN3D Epsilon W27 + Smart Cabinet

The BCN3D Epsilon W27 3D printer is the smaller 3D printer in the Epsilon series. It is an intuitive and very durable desktop 3D printer with IDEX technology. IDEX is short for independent dual extruders, which means that the 3D printer has two extruders that can operate independently of each other on the same axis. This improvement allows the production of more complex details and integrated functionalities in the design.

In combination with the Smart Cabinet material storage station, you get a continuous workflow for optimal results.

Key features:
FDM / FFF technology
Working volume: 420mm x 300mm x 220mm
IDEX technology
Open system for working with other materials
Closed working chamber for unlocking the technical properties of the materials
Diameter of the filament – 2.85 mm
The building surface is heated to 120ºC, which facilitates 3D printing with engineering materials and prevents unwanted shrinkage of the material.
Aluminum frame for stability and minimal vibration during operation.
Dual Extruder – Bondtech ™ with dual drive – provides more control, trouble-free filament feeding and precision in details without damaging or wearing the nozzles even with a thousand printed parts.
Security – HEPA filter; A filament detector detects when material has been used up and stops the 3D printing process until a new filament is loaded; Carbon filter
Print mode – Mirror mode, Duplication mode, Multimaterial mode and Soluble supports mode
Professional software – BCN3D Cura
Smart Cabinet station for materials with humidity control, UPS, tool cabinet and wheels for easy transportation of the 3D printer.
Create large functional details with excellent mechanical properties
With BCN3D 3D printers, you unlock a wide range of industrial applications with BCN3D technical filaments developed by BASF and Mitsubishi Chemical, or use any other filament with confidence. BCN3D 3D printers are open and set up to work with third-party materials.


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